With sweeping views of the majestic Bosphorus strait and lush forests, Fraser Place Antasya Istanbul is nestled within the upper storeys of the upscale Antasya Residence. Our serviced apartment hotel is located in Umraniye, it features stylish accommodation, in one or two-bedroom configurations, as well as many excellent facilities.

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IST TOO offers the tastes of global cuisine, taking diners on a culinary tour throughout the Mediterranean, Southeast Asia, Turkey and Japan with seasonal delights and specialties. Located on the lobby level and encased in glass, IST TOO offers unobstructed views of the Bosphorus and is the social hub of the hotel.

الرحلة تشمل إبحاراً في البوسفور، جزيرة الأميرات، النقل إلى مراكز المشتريات. الذهاب إلى مطار صبيحة، الطيران في ساعات الصباح، والعودة في ساعات المساء.

APPENDIX B-1 SAMPLE QUESTIONS, LEARNING STATEMENTS AND ANSWERS 1. An ATC `instruction` A—is the same as an ATC `clearance. B—must be `read back` in full to the controller and confirmed before becoming effective. C—is a directive issued by ATC for the purpose of requiring a pilot to take a specific action.

موقع الرأي التونسي شامل...أخبار محلية وسياسية تونسية وعالمية - أخبارالمغرب العربي – مقالات رأي ، أخبار ثقافة وفن وإقتصاد منوعات ورياضة - فيديو وصور...